a picture of Ben Brittain

I am Ben Brittain. I'm currently an intern at Ginkgo Bioworks, helping to make biology easier to engineer. In the past I have worked at the National Cancer Institute, held a variety of random jobs, and interned twice at Mozilla. In the summer of 2012 I was in a fantastic Hacker School batch. I am a strong advocate for Open/Libre software. I use GNU/linux, with a preference for Arch. I prefer the safer and more functional languages to those that aren't. However, I also enjoy low-level projects and hackery. I am passionate about a variety of topics including privacy, applied cryptography, DIYbio, PLT, Mars, Transhumanism, & coffee. My political views skew toward a form of Market Anarchism/Agorism with a bit of crypto mixed in for good measure. This site serves the purpose of giving me an internet presence, as well as a being a place where I can express my views in a concise and digestible manner.